Our Expertise

Investment, Partnerships and Management in the Construction and Hospitality industries

Our Philosophy

We are committed to the culture in everything that we do. We want to create opportunity and experience based on shared values, to explore our potential network and to ensure that we are always giving back. 

Our Commitment to Results

Having built our own companies from scratch, we are familiar with the hard work required to succeed and are committed in and prepared to create new opportunities with the right partnerships.

Our Experience

Bringing back a genuine and immersive experience for the Irish community abroad, in Vancouver, by creating spaces, networks and employment opportunities. Our goal has always been to put people first and we continue to reflect that in the warm, inviting and simply fun entities that we have and continue to establish.

Laura & William Donnellan

Founders of IRLG

Laura & William Donnellan are originally from Galway Ireland and ventured on to Vancouver in 2009, where their 6 month working holiday visa quickly turned into a decade of adventure and success, here in beautiful British Columbia.  

IRL Construction Ltd. was the first company they founded within only a few short years of moving to Canada. William had owned his own construction company in his early 20's back in Ireland and utilized his trade as a carpenter to build the enterprise from the ground up. Likewise, the pubs that were soon to follow, were also built by William and his incredible team from scratch.


Laura is the HR Business Partner, who had primarily been handling the logistics of the construction business, leading the company to multiple awards, including Best Immigrant Employers in 2017. They now have over 100 employees on their roster, full time. As their construction division expanded, Laura navigated towards her natural inclination for all things creative, by managing the creative strategy and interior design behind all the three pubs. 

Both have proudly established multiple companies across Canada and have continued to grow their portfolio in Canada and internationally.

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